Monday, October 17, 2016


It was a pretty good week until I woke up with either food poisoning
or the flu this morning ... 😷

But I'll share some highlights before that 😉

So I got to see sister Mallarme at our mission tour! Elder Ringwood
came and spoke to the mission! My favorite part of what he shared with
us was his take on repentance. He taught repentance without ever
saying the word, instead, he used the word forgiveness! A lot of times
people associate a negative connotation with repentance, but really it
is no more than forgiveness, which is the biggest blessing ever! It
really is just a change to become more like God, and it is only
through the sacrifice and mercy of Jesus Christ that we are able to be
forgiven and to change. On the other hand, when we forgive, we are
filled with Christlike love for others. This week in church a woman
was teaching about how usually if someone has done something terrible
to us, they don't really care if we forgive them or not, but God asks
us to forgive for our good, so that the burden is lifted from us, and
we can more fully feel God's love for us! I love forgiveness and I am
so thankful for my Savior, so that I can be forgiven, because I need
it every day!
Another thing he talked about was how to keep your testimony strong.
He suggested it was the simple things. Especially studying your
scriptures each morning to have a spiritual experience you can ponder
on and it can propel you through out the day! I took that to heart,
and am trying to strengthen my testimony by having a spiritual
experience with my Savior each morning, and I invite you all to do the
same!! ❤️

I also got to go on exchanges this week with Sister Turner! She got
here the same time as Sister Hutchinson, and she is amazing! She does
not seem like a new missionary! I think I learned more from her than
she did from me! We got to know some more families this week, and are
searching every day for those being prepared to hear the message of
the restored gospel! 😊 Tim and John, a couple of people we are
visiting came to church Sunday! We were happy!!

For dinner one night we went to a Halloween party, and there was the
cutest little minion there. 🤗 We also had the opportunity to help
someone move this week! Angie is so sweet! I have also been finding
golf balls when we run in the morning! Makin Dad proud 😉

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