Monday, May 29, 2017

Crazy week!

This week was full of meetings and emotions! Haha I think everyone had
a melt down for one reason or another, but there were still tons of
miracles! I love the people we're meeting with so much! We had a great
lesson with John this week, we talked about the plan of salvation and
we looked at everything in the Bible, it was all new to him but when
he saw where it was in the Bible it all made sense to him and just
clicked, it was so sweet to see someone hear it for the first time! 😊
he also read the Book of Mormon and said that what stuck out to him
was the promises God made and kept to His people there as well, and it
made sense because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He
is my twin! Gage is doing really well too, he came to church again and
we had some great lessons with him this week, he knows he needs to be
baptized, and the coolest part is the way he keeps getting answers, he
starts thinking about something and making changes in his life, and
then we end up talking about it, before he tells us. It's not us and
it's no coincidence! God's plan is perfect, because He is so involved
in our lives! Eli is still amazing, we had a really good heart to
heart with him last night! His friend from the Ward Kaleb, is just
awesome! He said exactly the words Eli needed to hear last night, and
the spirit just filled the room! He's the real MVP! The members here
are so helpful! They make me so excited for member missionary work in
Morgantown 😊 Nic is doing great as well! He taught us this week, he's
so excited for his baptism! AND Niels came to church this week! We
were so excited! He sat with his friend and then she ended up teaching
Sunday school, so he decided to stay a few minutes. It started at
10:15 and he needed to leave at 10:30 to be at work at 11, but 10:45
rolled around and he was still sitting in Sunday school, we just
looked at each other, like he's going to be late! 😳 but we left to go
to another Ward, and he said "hey! Where ya goin?" And we told him we
needed to leave and he was going to be late and he just smiled, we
asked if he was going to go late to work and he said yes, it made my
whole week! I know he stayed because he felt the spirit! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ his
friend that was teaching the lesson told a story about her dad, and I
believe it really spoke to him! I'm so excited for him!

This week I've learned to focus on the constant. In a mission, a lot
of things change, but there are things that stay constant, like having
a companion, your schedule, and other things. In life tons of things
change, but the one constant we can ALWAYS count on is Jesus Christ.
He is always there for us no matter what, we are never alone! He knows
what we're going through and what's on our hearts, and He cares! No
matter how small something might seem, it matters to Him, because we
matter to Him! I know I've said it before but it's true! Our
relationship with Jesus is the most important thing! That's why I'm
here, to try to help other people find and strengthen that
relationship! 😊

I love you and hope you all have a great week!
πŸ€—Sister Kirkpatrick

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Living the dream

It's been another amazing week! I got to talk to my family yesterday
on skype! 😊 Time is flying!

So many miracles this week! Monday we met Eli, he is AMAZING!
He's here for the summer from Arizona and he went to church last
Sunday in the family Ward with his friend, Tanner, who served a
mission in Uruguay, then we got to meet him Monday night. He already
told his friend he wants to be baptized, we didn't even invite him,
and they wake up every morning and work out then read the Book of
Mormon together! He said the closing prayer for the first time on
Monday night and it was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever
heard, he cried as he thanked God for his friend, and prayed for the
faith to continue learning and believing in Christ. We didn't see him
again until Saturday, but we'd texted him and asked him to read Alma
32, and when we saw him Saturday he told us that for his job (door to
door sales) some lady was mean and yelled at him, so he just went to
find a place to sit and read Alma 32 like we asked, and he loved it. I
was amazed at how much he got out of it! And I was so impressed that
in a tough time, he immediately turned to God!
Last night after church, we met with them again. We got there early so
we went to talk to a guy sitting by the pond, named Kevin, he's also
YSA age, and just moved here a month ago, we gave him a Book of Mormon
and he said he wants to come to church next Sunday! When we went to
knock on Eli and tanners door, they said they saw us through the
window talking to Kevin and told us we should invite him inside to
learn too!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… it does not get any better. He said he needed to
call his mom for Mother's Day. But still, Tanner and Eli are so great!
We told them they just need to put some name tags on and they can go
out together, and Tanner said he already told Eli if he wants to serve
a mission he would pay for it all 😱😱😱 I can't handle how awesome
they are. After we taught the plan of salvation, Eli thanked us and
told us how grateful he was for us, it melted all of our hearts!

I am so so so grateful to be able to share the good news of our Savior
Jesus Christ and His love for us each and every day and meet to many
amazing people. I am the one who is blessed by their lives, I learn so
much from them and my faith is strengthened when I see theirs grow!
I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Kirkpatrick

Sisters pic nic
Talking to people jumping off the mountain,

Monday, May 8, 2017

Good morning!

It's been another great week! The weather is getting better, and
miracles keep happening!

Frances was baptized Saturday morning! 😊 it was so good! She had
missionaries and friends from all over there to support her! There
were two skype calls going for people far away, and one person on
Skype even gave a talk! Haha shout out to our ward mission leader
Dillon! He took care of everything! It felt like we weren't even
preparing for a baptismal service because all we had to do was show
up! Frances was so happy and she shared her testimony after the
baptism, she has been being prepared for a long time! And Her bishop,
Bishop Boshard is the best! He is so funny, and really goes the extra
mile to create relationships! Sunday morning we woke up to a text from
her saying she might not be able to make it to church because her
sister needed her to fill in for her at their church! We were
panicked, the WML was panicked, Bishop wasn't. When we got to church
and asked if he had talked to her he said "oh yeah, don't worry, I
talked her down off the ledge, she's coming!" He said it so casually,
I know it's not funny over email but if you knew him it would be! He
was the one to confirm her on Sunday morning at church, it was

This week I felt God's love so strongly. There have been a few things
that have just built up the past couple of weeks that have driven me a
little crazy (not my companions! Don't worry, I love them!) but it
finally came to a head Saturday night, and I think I was just
emotional because it's almost that time of the month, but I just
needed a good cry, you know, everyone needs that sometimes. But as I
was thinking about it, I realized how trivial most of it was, and that
I was making something into a big deal in my mind that really weren't.
But in that moment I felt Jesus' arms just wrap around me, I knew that
He was so aware of me, and although it was trivial, He felt it, and it
mattered to Him, because I MATTER TO HIM!!! He loves me sooooo much
more than I could ever imagine, but it's in those moments where I can
feel Him so close, that I am just overwhelmed by His love! I am so
thankful to Know Him, not just know of Him, but Know Him! To have a
relationship with Him! I want everyone to Know Him! I can't imagine
going through life without that relationship! You matter so much to
Jesus, and He loves you so much!!! I hope that you believe it! And if
your relationship with Him isn't quite where you want it to be, just
spend more time with Him! Talk to Him through out the day! He wants to
be so involved in you life!

I hope you have a blessed week!

πŸ€— Love,
Sister Kirkpatrick

Monday, May 1, 2017


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we were white washing! Shout out to
Sister Crapo for leaving a good area and trust with the members
though! πŸ™‹πŸ»

So we've seen miracles every day, no kidding, it's been nonstop!
The first day we were here, Tuesday, we found 2 new people to teach!
We had no clue where we were going or who anyone was, but the Lord
helped us!
Wednesday we got to meet Eyo, who was baptized on Monday the day
before we got here, he's amazing, super funny but is truly converted
to the savior! He's taking a Book of Mormon to give to his friend and
share his testimony with when he flies home this week for vacation!
Thursday a girl named Frances texted us and asked if she could meet
with us Friday at 1pm, we had no clue who she was but said sure!! We
later found out that she was a former investigator, so we were pumped!
Friday we met with her and the first thing she said was "so can I be
baptized May 6th?" πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜©πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ WOAH BABY! We were
amazed! She's been meeting with missionaries at college since
November, she sought them out just for conversation, but she said the
more she's read the Bible, the more she finds truths only found in the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ in it, and everything just fits
together so perfectly! She knew she wanted to be baptized and prayed
about it and decided on either February or May... ITS MAY!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Her parents aren't happy about it but she is determined. She talked
with the bishop after church on Sunday (he's hilarious) and told him
her story and then told him she wanted to go to the temple ASAP, and
get her patriarchal blessing, and she already knows she wants to go on
a mission!!! So, we're planning a baptism for Saturday 😊
Saturday night we found another new person, we talked to them on the
street, his name is Brennan, he asked us how we knew God was there and
then invited us in to share more, he doesn't believe in Jesus but is
willing to pray about it!!
Sunday we met Nick, he was at church with his girlfriend and also
wants to be baptized asap! It might take a little while but he's so
solid! He says he can tell such a difference when he's reading the
scriptures every day and when he's not!

I love when people can notice a difference in their lives when they're
doing the little things vs when they're not, because it makes all the
difference! We met so many other people this week who no longer
believe in God for one reason or another, and each time I felt so sad
for them because they are visually unhappy with life! Most of them
even recognize it, but they've lost hope! All I could do was share my
testimony with them that God loves them, and it was no coincidence
that we ran into them, He loves them so He sent us to them to tell
them that! I hope they could feel that love, because I sure did feel
God's love for them! That has to be my favorite part about missionary
work, feeling God's love for so many people so strongly!

I feel like part of my heart is still in south Jordan... it is, I
leave a little bit of it every time I get transferred. I miss Maddy
and Katie and Dario so much I want to cry 😭 but they are in amazing
hands with Sister Conn πŸ€— and we will be eternal friends!

I hope you all have an amazing week!
Feel free to email me 😊

Sister Kirkpatrick