Monday, May 8, 2017

Good morning!

It's been another great week! The weather is getting better, and
miracles keep happening!

Frances was baptized Saturday morning! 😊 it was so good! She had
missionaries and friends from all over there to support her! There
were two skype calls going for people far away, and one person on
Skype even gave a talk! Haha shout out to our ward mission leader
Dillon! He took care of everything! It felt like we weren't even
preparing for a baptismal service because all we had to do was show
up! Frances was so happy and she shared her testimony after the
baptism, she has been being prepared for a long time! And Her bishop,
Bishop Boshard is the best! He is so funny, and really goes the extra
mile to create relationships! Sunday morning we woke up to a text from
her saying she might not be able to make it to church because her
sister needed her to fill in for her at their church! We were
panicked, the WML was panicked, Bishop wasn't. When we got to church
and asked if he had talked to her he said "oh yeah, don't worry, I
talked her down off the ledge, she's coming!" He said it so casually,
I know it's not funny over email but if you knew him it would be! He
was the one to confirm her on Sunday morning at church, it was

This week I felt God's love so strongly. There have been a few things
that have just built up the past couple of weeks that have driven me a
little crazy (not my companions! Don't worry, I love them!) but it
finally came to a head Saturday night, and I think I was just
emotional because it's almost that time of the month, but I just
needed a good cry, you know, everyone needs that sometimes. But as I
was thinking about it, I realized how trivial most of it was, and that
I was making something into a big deal in my mind that really weren't.
But in that moment I felt Jesus' arms just wrap around me, I knew that
He was so aware of me, and although it was trivial, He felt it, and it
mattered to Him, because I MATTER TO HIM!!! He loves me sooooo much
more than I could ever imagine, but it's in those moments where I can
feel Him so close, that I am just overwhelmed by His love! I am so
thankful to Know Him, not just know of Him, but Know Him! To have a
relationship with Him! I want everyone to Know Him! I can't imagine
going through life without that relationship! You matter so much to
Jesus, and He loves you so much!!! I hope that you believe it! And if
your relationship with Him isn't quite where you want it to be, just
spend more time with Him! Talk to Him through out the day! He wants to
be so involved in you life!

I hope you have a blessed week!

🤗 Love,
Sister Kirkpatrick

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