Monday, May 29, 2017

Crazy week!

This week was full of meetings and emotions! Haha I think everyone had
a melt down for one reason or another, but there were still tons of
miracles! I love the people we're meeting with so much! We had a great
lesson with John this week, we talked about the plan of salvation and
we looked at everything in the Bible, it was all new to him but when
he saw where it was in the Bible it all made sense to him and just
clicked, it was so sweet to see someone hear it for the first time! 😊
he also read the Book of Mormon and said that what stuck out to him
was the promises God made and kept to His people there as well, and it
made sense because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He
is my twin! Gage is doing really well too, he came to church again and
we had some great lessons with him this week, he knows he needs to be
baptized, and the coolest part is the way he keeps getting answers, he
starts thinking about something and making changes in his life, and
then we end up talking about it, before he tells us. It's not us and
it's no coincidence! God's plan is perfect, because He is so involved
in our lives! Eli is still amazing, we had a really good heart to
heart with him last night! His friend from the Ward Kaleb, is just
awesome! He said exactly the words Eli needed to hear last night, and
the spirit just filled the room! He's the real MVP! The members here
are so helpful! They make me so excited for member missionary work in
Morgantown 😊 Nic is doing great as well! He taught us this week, he's
so excited for his baptism! AND Niels came to church this week! We
were so excited! He sat with his friend and then she ended up teaching
Sunday school, so he decided to stay a few minutes. It started at
10:15 and he needed to leave at 10:30 to be at work at 11, but 10:45
rolled around and he was still sitting in Sunday school, we just
looked at each other, like he's going to be late! 😳 but we left to go
to another Ward, and he said "hey! Where ya goin?" And we told him we
needed to leave and he was going to be late and he just smiled, we
asked if he was going to go late to work and he said yes, it made my
whole week! I know he stayed because he felt the spirit! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ his
friend that was teaching the lesson told a story about her dad, and I
believe it really spoke to him! I'm so excited for him!

This week I've learned to focus on the constant. In a mission, a lot
of things change, but there are things that stay constant, like having
a companion, your schedule, and other things. In life tons of things
change, but the one constant we can ALWAYS count on is Jesus Christ.
He is always there for us no matter what, we are never alone! He knows
what we're going through and what's on our hearts, and He cares! No
matter how small something might seem, it matters to Him, because we
matter to Him! I know I've said it before but it's true! Our
relationship with Jesus is the most important thing! That's why I'm
here, to try to help other people find and strengthen that
relationship! 😊

I love you and hope you all have a great week!
πŸ€—Sister Kirkpatrick

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