Monday, May 1, 2017


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we were white washing! Shout out to
Sister Crapo for leaving a good area and trust with the members
though! 🙋🏻

So we've seen miracles every day, no kidding, it's been nonstop!
The first day we were here, Tuesday, we found 2 new people to teach!
We had no clue where we were going or who anyone was, but the Lord
helped us!
Wednesday we got to meet Eyo, who was baptized on Monday the day
before we got here, he's amazing, super funny but is truly converted
to the savior! He's taking a Book of Mormon to give to his friend and
share his testimony with when he flies home this week for vacation!
Thursday a girl named Frances texted us and asked if she could meet
with us Friday at 1pm, we had no clue who she was but said sure!! We
later found out that she was a former investigator, so we were pumped!
Friday we met with her and the first thing she said was "so can I be
baptized May 6th?" 😱😱😱😩😆😅😅🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 WOAH BABY! We were
amazed! She's been meeting with missionaries at college since
November, she sought them out just for conversation, but she said the
more she's read the Bible, the more she finds truths only found in the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ in it, and everything just fits
together so perfectly! She knew she wanted to be baptized and prayed
about it and decided on either February or May... ITS MAY!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Her parents aren't happy about it but she is determined. She talked
with the bishop after church on Sunday (he's hilarious) and told him
her story and then told him she wanted to go to the temple ASAP, and
get her patriarchal blessing, and she already knows she wants to go on
a mission!!! So, we're planning a baptism for Saturday 😊
Saturday night we found another new person, we talked to them on the
street, his name is Brennan, he asked us how we knew God was there and
then invited us in to share more, he doesn't believe in Jesus but is
willing to pray about it!!
Sunday we met Nick, he was at church with his girlfriend and also
wants to be baptized asap! It might take a little while but he's so
solid! He says he can tell such a difference when he's reading the
scriptures every day and when he's not!

I love when people can notice a difference in their lives when they're
doing the little things vs when they're not, because it makes all the
difference! We met so many other people this week who no longer
believe in God for one reason or another, and each time I felt so sad
for them because they are visually unhappy with life! Most of them
even recognize it, but they've lost hope! All I could do was share my
testimony with them that God loves them, and it was no coincidence
that we ran into them, He loves them so He sent us to them to tell
them that! I hope they could feel that love, because I sure did feel
God's love for them! That has to be my favorite part about missionary
work, feeling God's love for so many people so strongly!

I feel like part of my heart is still in south Jordan... it is, I
leave a little bit of it every time I get transferred. I miss Maddy
and Katie and Dario so much I want to cry 😭 but they are in amazing
hands with Sister Conn 🤗 and we will be eternal friends!

I hope you all have an amazing week!
Feel free to email me 😊

Sister Kirkpatrick

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