Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Living the dream

It's been another amazing week! I got to talk to my family yesterday
on skype! 😊 Time is flying!

So many miracles this week! Monday we met Eli, he is AMAZING!
He's here for the summer from Arizona and he went to church last
Sunday in the family Ward with his friend, Tanner, who served a
mission in Uruguay, then we got to meet him Monday night. He already
told his friend he wants to be baptized, we didn't even invite him,
and they wake up every morning and work out then read the Book of
Mormon together! He said the closing prayer for the first time on
Monday night and it was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever
heard, he cried as he thanked God for his friend, and prayed for the
faith to continue learning and believing in Christ. We didn't see him
again until Saturday, but we'd texted him and asked him to read Alma
32, and when we saw him Saturday he told us that for his job (door to
door sales) some lady was mean and yelled at him, so he just went to
find a place to sit and read Alma 32 like we asked, and he loved it. I
was amazed at how much he got out of it! And I was so impressed that
in a tough time, he immediately turned to God!
Last night after church, we met with them again. We got there early so
we went to talk to a guy sitting by the pond, named Kevin, he's also
YSA age, and just moved here a month ago, we gave him a Book of Mormon
and he said he wants to come to church next Sunday! When we went to
knock on Eli and tanners door, they said they saw us through the
window talking to Kevin and told us we should invite him inside to
learn too!! 😅😅😅 it does not get any better. He said he needed to
call his mom for Mother's Day. But still, Tanner and Eli are so great!
We told them they just need to put some name tags on and they can go
out together, and Tanner said he already told Eli if he wants to serve
a mission he would pay for it all 😱😱😱 I can't handle how awesome
they are. After we taught the plan of salvation, Eli thanked us and
told us how grateful he was for us, it melted all of our hearts!

I am so so so grateful to be able to share the good news of our Savior
Jesus Christ and His love for us each and every day and meet to many
amazing people. I am the one who is blessed by their lives, I learn so
much from them and my faith is strengthened when I see theirs grow!
I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Kirkpatrick

Sisters pic nic
Talking to people jumping off the mountain,

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