Monday, April 24, 2017

Waiting on transfer calls!

It's that time again! 🤷🏻‍♀️

This transfer has flown by! At the same time, it feels like Maddy,
Dario and Ryan were baptized a long time ago, but it's only been a
month! Time is a funny thing. Anyways, it's been a great transfer!
And a great week! This week we met Drea, she has a 5 year old
daughter, and they both have the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen!
Her daughter looks like she should be her American girl doll! She was
sick and wasn't able to come to church, but she is so sweet!
Vincent and Ridik both came to church and stayed the whole time, even
though we weren't with them! We had to speak in another building, it
was a tough crowd, there was hardly anyone there, and half of the ones
who were, were asleep 😂😂😂 I just had to laugh!
Vincent is doing amazing! I love meeting with him because he is so
sincere and humble! He loves learning and I just feel the spirit so
strongly every time we go over there. He said the closing prayer this
time, and he asked God to show him if what we were teaching him was
true... he said it was the first time he had ever asked God for
anything. He didn't feel like he got his answer right then and there,
but I sure felt the power of the Spirit, and I believe everyone else
in the room did as well!
This week we got to go watch Dario go to the temple for the first
time! He was so excited to be in the temple and just in awe of
everything! It reminded me so much of the first time that I went 😊 we
had some time to wait and we walked around to look at all the
different paintings of Jesus, that was my favorite part!

This week I had a faith building experience. Something that someone
else said offended me, and I am always saying "being offended is a
choice". But in this instance, I didn't realize that was what I was
doing. I held a grudge without even realizing it! When I did realize
it, it seemed so hard to transition out of feeling that way! I was
annoyed for most of the day that I just couldn't seem to shake the
feeling. But that night someone shared a concern they had in their
testimony with me, and I had also felt the same way previously. We
talked about Jesus Christ and how everything really is centered on
Him, that without Him nothing else would matter. As we both shared our
testimonies with each other about Jesus, I felt the weight lifting,
and I was just filled with joy! That contrast in feelings helped me to
realize that my unhappiness that day was stemming from dwelling on
something other than the only thing that matters, which is Jesus! I
realized that true happiness takes more than just having an testimony
centered on Jesus Christ, it takes living it! Living each day for
Jesus! Now, none of us our perfect, and it's easier said than done,
but I know that is what makes me happiest, when I have Jesus Christ at
the front of my mind, and strive to live each day for Him!

I love you all, but Jesus loves you so much more!

❤️Sister Kirkpatrick

I'm being transferred to Draper YSA!!!
I will be companions with Sister Guzman and Sister Enderle! Another
trio!!! Wahoo!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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