Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another good week!

So much happened this week, I'll try to keep it brief!

First I'll share the major miracle from last night!
We were driving and saw this man walking clear across the soccer field, but we stopped the car and decided to go talk to him, and I am SOO glad we did! He's amazing! His name is Vincent, he's been here 3 years from CA for dental school, he grew up somewhat religious, but hasn't prayed since he was a kid. He told us we could come back later that night so we did and it was awesome! He said he's been to general conference with his RM friends and has a Book of Mormon, he said they told him he should meet with missionaries, so this was a long time coming! Haha we were so happy! He's so nice and just wants to learn more about Jesus! 🙌🏽
We're going back Saturday night after he finishes taking his boards!

This week I went on two exchanges, one with sister Mallarme, I love that girl! She has grown so much! I feel like a proud mom 😊❤ she's so good at talking to people and teaching, I just love her. And I went with sister Hudgens too! She's awesome and I always learn from her!
I also got to go on splits with Sister Hutchinson for a couple hours in her area while our companions went to a baptism together, it was fun catching up 😊 and really great seeing how she has grown as well! 🤗

On Thursday Sister Conn and I got to go watch Maddy go to the temple to do baptisms for her first time! The spirit was so strong, and she was just beaming! I was sooo happy to have the blessing of going with her for the first time 🤗

AND! I got to go to dinner with The Bishops on Friday, on their way form the MTC to their mission! When I saw their name tags, they were in Spanish, I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! They were surprised too, they didn't know they were speaking Spanish until they got to the MTC 😂 it's so inspired though I'm so happy for them! And I am eternally grateful that God sent them to WV for me 😊 I know they will bless so many lives in NJ too! ❤ 

On Tuesday I had my 3rd re birthday! 🎉🎉🎉 I was baptized three years ago on April 4th! I am so grateful that I was! It hasn't been an easy path, but it has ultimately brought me closer to my savior Jesus Christ, and that's all that matters! I really do believe Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist because he had the Aaronic priesthood, and that same priesthood authority is on the earth today, to bless the lives of God's children, and help us to return to live with Him! I love you all, but Jesus loves you more! 

This Sunday is Easter, if you don't have a church you're planning on going to, I invite you to get on and go to the meeting house locator and find the one nearest to you and attend! 

This weekend in stake conference someone speaking was talking about remembering Christ this week and said: 
  • on Thursday when you have your last meal, know that Jesus is in gethsemane 
  • On Friday He will be on the cross 
  • By noon he will cry out why has thou forsaken me
  • He will feel completely alone, so that you never have to be 
  • By 3pm He was in the spirit world with you, preparing you for your mission on earth
  • On Sunday morning we were all weeping because He overcame it all, He was resurrected! 

I've never thought of thinking about where He would be and what He was going through each day, but I will this year and invite you to remember Him too! ❤

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