Monday, April 3, 2017


It's been another great week!

We met two new people this week, that are both praying to know if they
should be baptized! They are Albert and Robbie! Robbie is someone we
met last transfer that we have been trying to see ever since then,
with no luck. Last night we were headed to an appointment and we saw
him outside! We told him we would be right back, but he texted us
saying he was going to go to a movie, so we knocked anyways and asked
if he had just 10 min that we could share a message about Jesus with
him, and he said okay! I'm so excited for him, because he said it's
been a long time since he's prayed and he doesn't really feel like he
knows Jesus. I know that if he will do the things we've invited him to
do, to pray and read scriptures, and come to church, he will come to
know Jesus personally! Baptism is an amazing thing, because we enter
into a promise with God that we're going to follow Jesus Christ, and
always remember Him, and God promises us His spirit! But it must be
preceded by faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and our Redeemer,
and repentance, a change to come closer to God. When it's done on that
order we are truly converted to our Savior Jesus Christ, and will
continue to follow Him after we are baptized!

I loved watching general conference this weekend! After one of the
sessions, We asked Dario what he learned, and he said "Jesus will come
back?!?!" I was so humbled by his excitement! Since he had some
Christian background, it never occurred to me that he didn't know
Jesus would come back some day! When we told him yes! He said "okay we
have to talk more about that!!!!" 😊😊😊

I absolutely love being a missionary! I get to spend all of my time
telling people about Jesus, and form immediate connections with
complete strangers, that change who I am! They make me a better person
and have an even stronger love for Jesus, as I see them change and
come closer to Jesus!

Love you all!
🤗 Sister Kirkpatrick

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