Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Late Easter!!!

It has been one amazing week! 😊
It was such a good Easter! We had 4 new people come to church, and
Dario passed the sacrament for the first time! He also brought his
friend to church for the first time, and he got his temple recommend
after church! He's amazing!!! His friend just got here a week ago from
Venezuela and doesn't really speak English, but it was amazing because
we held a conversation! He was talking to me in Spanish and I was
talking to him in English and we understood each other! Haha it was so
cool! Gift of interpretation!!! I won't be upset if they switch me to
Spanish assignment the next two transfers!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ unfortunately his
friend lives outside of our mission, and Dario doesn't want the
missionaries to come over just yet, but he's being an awesome
missionary for his friend!

So this week we also went on two exchanges, sister Turner and sister
McCarter! Sister Turner got the call that she was being emergency
transferred to West Jordan while we were together, so we packed and
moved her on the exchange, it was interesting! Haha glad I could be
there for her for it though!

We met three new people this week, Sam, who has met with missionaries
in the past, but never sisters, and is excited to 😊 she is excited to
learn and just wants to follow Jesus!
We also met a man named Ridik, he's from India and has only been in
Utah 2 months! It was really a blessing, because we drove past him on
the opposite side of a busy highway, and even though he caught my
attention, his bright orange shirt, we didn't stop. But later we drove
past him again! Second chances don't always happen like that, but I'm
sure glad they did this time! This time we were on the same side of
the busy road, so we pulled over to talk to him! He told us that he
was Hindu, but that he would come to church with us! When we went to
his house we found out that he believes in "all gods" and that they
are one. He does believe in Jesus as well. It will be a different
experience than I've had so far, but I'm excited to help him to learn
more about Jesus as the savior and Redeemer of the world! He also came
to church on Sunday!
And we met a guy named Austin, from Oregon. He's only here for 8 weeks
for an internship, but we met him as soon as he got here! He has a
friend on a mission and wants to learn more. He does not believe in
God right now, but he says that he wants to believe! So we're really
excited! πŸ€—πŸŽ‰
And Vincent is still amazing!!! He came to church and stayed all three
hours on Sunday! He is so sweet, he had his dental boards on Saturday
morning, and he was sick, but he still let us come over on Saturday
night! And he wore a dental or doctor mask the whole time so he
wouldn't get us sick! Haha so nice!

There's so much more to tell but we don't have as much time today! We
have our Pday split this week, so we are just now starting today, and
we will have 4 hours most likely on Thursday as well!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter remembering our Savior and
His triumph over death and sin! If you didn't have the time to this
week, I invite you to read Luke 22-24, about Jesus sacrifice for us.
It is so powerful and really did change Easter for me this year!

πŸ€—Sister Kirkpatrick

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