Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Transfer day!

We still don't know what's happening for sure, all I know is that I'm
being transferred and released as a sister Training leader for my last
transfer! It has been such a good experience! 7 transfers of learning
from so many amazing sisters that have changed my life! I'm so
thankful for them and so excited for another sister to have the
experience now! 😊

Okay, so miracles! We had the best week ever!!!!
First of all, Randy Swensen (from West Jordan) got his endowments at
the temple on Saturday and I got to go see!! It was so sweet! I'm so
grateful for his example and so excited for him and Jennifer to be
married!! I love em both so much! Their journey and testimonies have
strengthened mine so much! There will be pictures at the bottom 😊
Also, Gage is awesome! He's been praying about being baptized on June
10th, and he said he knows God wants him to be, but he wasn't acting
like he was really going to on that day. When we went over on Thursday
for our lesson, we asked him if anything was happening on June 10th?
And he said "actually, I was wondering if we could do it the 9th?" I
was so excited my country accent came out! I could not contain myself,
it blew my socks off! I am so so so excited for him! He has been
getting so many answers lately and he's going to act on them now,
wahoo!!!! And then he texted us later that night and asked if he could
do it the 8th instead, so he's getting baptized Thursday!
And we met the coolest guy, Ben, Friday night. We knocked on his door
with like two minutes of the night left, and he answered, he thought
we were looking for someone else, but we asked him if we could share a
message with him about Jesus Christ and he said sure! He invited us in
and we shared our testimonies with him. He actually met with
missionaries while he was in prison in Washington, but he said he was
out of it because he was detoxing. But he is doing great now, he lives
in a sober living house and he said he's been coming closer to God and
getting his life in order, but he still feels like something is
missing, and he thinks this is it! We went back Saturday and taught
him more and he is just so excited to keep learning! He came to church
and loved it! He was worried about being accepted but everyone reached
out to him and he made a ton of friends! We're going back to see him
again tonight! 😊😊😊
We also had two other temple square trips this week with Nic, Katelyn,
John, and Eli! Pictures at the bottom 😊

A story that one of my sisters shared with me this week really
impacted me. She said that in a meeting she heard someone say they
were afraid of breaking, and another person say, why not let yourself
break? Christ can heal you. And then she remembered a story she had
heard before she came on her mission, she said that in Japan they
break china bowls on purpose, and then seal them back together with a
gold glue, and the idea is that they now have these gold veins running
through the bowl, and they are more beautiful now than if they had
been whole the entire time and never broken. She compared that to our
lives and said that we are all broken, but it's good because Jesus
Christ is what holds us together, He's the one who heals us, and that
much better than never having been broken in the first place. If we
were whole we wouldn't need a savior, and that would be so sad to me.
I'm so grateful for the trials I've gone through, because that's when
I've felt Jesus the closest to me, and I wouldn't trade that for
anything. I am so happy to know that He is the one holding me
together, I NEED Him in my life! ❤️

Miracles are so real! They are all around us, we just have to notice
them! I know that there is nothing that bring more lasting joy than
sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and helping them come
closer to their Savior!

I hope you have an amazing miracle filled week!
❤️ Love,
Sister Kirkpatrick

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