Monday, June 19, 2017

Another Crazy week!

So much has happened! I need a nap! Haha it's been a good week though,
I'll spare you some of the craziness and just share highlights!

First of all, Eli got baptized!!! That doesn't even feel like it was
this week! Haha! It was such a sweet baptism! His little brother
talked about baptism and made everyone cry! Then his dad baptized him,
it was his dads first baptism, he was just baptized a couple years
ago, after his younger brother. Tanner gave a talk on the Holy Ghost,
and made everyone cry again, and then at the end Eli shared his
testimony, and had everyone crying! The spirit was so strong, it was
such a happy day! I'm so proud of Eli and the way he's changed his
life to follow Jesus Christ! 😊

This week we met 4 new people, it was awesome! Last Pday, at the car
wash, we talked to Gauthier, who was vacuuming his car next to us.
He's been here for four years, from Congo, and he's never met with
missionaries! He gave us his number and told us we could come over
this week. When we did, we found out he has 2 other siblings and one
of his brothers girlfriend Paula was there as well. They are all here
studying chemical engineering, they are all so nice! Only Gauthier and
 Paula could join us, they speak English, French and Swahili! It was
really neat being able to share the gospel with someone for the first
time. We asked them how they felt after hearing the first vision, and
they both said they would never be the same after that! They shared
experiences growing up in Africa, going through tough things and
losing loved ones. They said those were the times they felt closest to
Jesus, their faith is amazing! It was so refreshing to see someone be
so happy to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon for the first time!
😊 Unfortunately they did not make it to church Sunday, and Gauthier
is going to Arizona for the month of July 😥 but I'm so grateful for
the time I will be able to get to know him more before he leaves!
Dario is sharing the gospel with his friend Victor! He's being an
amazing member missionary, we met with Victor this week too! He is
trying to get work off on Sundays so he can come to church as well 😊
We also met Marci last night, she is so sweet! She just moved back
here after getting her masters in Virginia! She started meeting with
missionaries and going to church for the first time there a couple of
months ago and she loved it! She's trying to find God and religion for
the first time in her life, she loves taking the sacrament each week,
she missed two weeks for vacation and she said she can tell, she
already misses it so much!

This week I am focusing on just how grateful I am for all of the
people the Lord places in my life, and the relationships we form. I
have been so blessed to see so many people develop relationships with
Jesus Christ, and the way their lives change as a result of that. It
is such a blessing to be able to come back to this area and see Maddy
and Dario and others continue to grow! They are both getting their
patriarchal blessings soon! Maddy just got a calling in relief
society, and Dario is blessing the sacrament now! 😊

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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