Monday, July 17, 2017

Last email from Utah!

It's bitter sweet!

I have loved every single bit of my mission! I am sad to leave this
place and the people I've grown to love so much, that have changed my
life, but they will always hold a special place in my heart! I'm so
grateful for the opportunity to serve, for the trials I've gone
through, the people by my side through them, and the lessons I've
learned! Most importantly I've come closer to my Savior and my
testimony has grown stronger!

This week was a crazy week full of every type of experience possible
haha, I'll share the good ones, and spare you the crazy 😂

Yesterday was the best way to end my mission! Dario got his
patriarchal blessing yesterday and invited us! It was so special!!! He
has amazed me every step of the way and it was such a huge blessing to
be able to hear what the Lord has in store for his life! From the
beginning I've felt like I've know him longer than I have, that we
were best friends before this life too! I know that God has a perfect
plan and that nothing is coincidence, he is going to have a huge
impact on so many lives, he already has on mine! I am eternally
grateful for the friendships that I've made here!
Victor came to church with us Sunday too :) he is absolutely amazing
as well! He has such a good heart!! We taught him some of God's
commandments this week  and while he isn't living all of them, he
wants to! He wants to change and be better, he recognizes truth so
easily! Change is all that really matters, God knows our hearts, it
doesn't matter who we've been, it matters who we want to become, with
the Lord's help of course!
One of my favorite miracles this week happened Friday night! We went
to go talk to a group of guys that were drinking in a parking lot,
only one of them talked to us, he's here from Georgia on an internship
for the summer, he had to go because his ride came but we asked for
his number and he gave it to us as he left so he could text us his
address. We texted but didn't hear anything back, and we though we
might not, but the next morning he responded and it was such a
miracle! He said "if I give you my address, will you help me find my
way back to Jesus? I've been struggling lately and don't know where
else to turn..." WE WERE ECSTATIC!!! We had no clue when we talked to
him the night before that he felt that way, he seemed fine! When we got
that text I realized how amazing God's plan is, that he placed him in
our path, because He knew what he was going through. I feel so humbled
and blessed to have been a tool in the Lord's hand for that!

This week I learned how much more powerful it is to be motivated by
love rather than fear. Studying repentance in the New Testament, and
Christ's example of ministering to sinners, taking the opportunity to
lift them when they were down, really inspired me. At the end of my
mission, I realize I have not mastered the Christ like attributes, but
I feel silly for thinking that I would. I have grown a lot, but it's
far from over, I'm a huge work in progress, but I wouldn't have it any
other way. Recognizing my daily dependence on Jesus Christ is a good
place to be.

I'll end me last email with my favorite scriptures:

John 3:16-17

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have
everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but
that the world through him might be saved.

My favorite scripture still hasn't changed, because that is the reason
for everything! Without Jesus Christ, and knowing that He is our
Savior and Redeemer, nothing else would matter. This week we were
teaching someone who considers himself agnostic, he's not sure if God
is there or not, and I don't remember what exactly I said, but I was
talking about Jesus and he said "that seems to be your driving force,
everything you talk about has to do with Him, I can tell you really
believe, it seems nice" I don't think he realized how much that meant
to me. I am so grateful to have a personal relationship with Jesus
Christ, and the peace and happiness that it brings! I want that for
everyone!!! ❤️

Tomorrow, Tuesday should be fun! We get to go to the 3pm session at
the Oquirrh Mountain temple! My favorite one here 😊🎉

I'm excited to see everyone in West Virginia soon. I'll be flying out
Wednesday morning!

Thank you so much for you love and support on this amazing journey!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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