Monday, September 12, 2016

7 months!

It's been 7 months! The longer I'm here the quicker time goes!!

This week was really interesting, we had a really slow week to start
with, but Saturday was full of miracles! Up until Saturday we had
about 75% of our lessons cancel on us, which was a bummer, but
Saturday was great! We had two first lessons with new people, one of
them was a very sweet woman named Marisol.  I felt the spirit so
strongly as I testified of Christ's love for her and how the gospel
coming into my life has changed it so much for the better. We were
also able to solidify Joses baptism plans for this Saturday, so next
week there will be exciting pictures :) I'm so happy for him and his
decision to follow Jesus Christ!!! We also got to have a good talk
with Angel and tell her how much we love her and Jesus loves her, and
we always will, not matter what... she is the sweetest!

So pictures... I dyed my hair, it looks better in the sun, it doesn't
look much different otherwise...
I tried the spinach smoothies again in an attempt to lose some of the
weight I've been gaining but they upset my stomach still.
We got to go to the temple Thursday!
And the little boy is Jimmy, his mom took us to the store and I gave
him stickers 😊

Sorry there isn't more, last pday wasn't too long ago! Haha love and
miss you all!

❤️ Sister Kirkpatrick

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