Monday, September 19, 2016

Lots of pictures this week!

This was a really good week! We started teaching a lot of new people!!!
Tuesday we saw the biggest miracle ever!!! I felt strongly that we
really needed to be strengthening the new members of the church here
in West Jordan before the Lord would start showing us those who are
being prepared to receive the gospel. So as soon as we got done with
our meeting, we went to meet with a woman named Sammi who was baptized
before I got here. She's was getting home just as well got there and
let us in to share a quick video about Jesus with her. He son,
daughter, and friends joined us. After the video we all talked about
Christ and His sacrifice for us and the things we do to remember Him
and His sacrifice. Sammi was telling us how much she feels she has
grown in her relationship with God and asked her daughter, Destiny,
who is an adult, if she wanted to do the same thing and be baptized as
well, and she said oh no I can't. And I asked her why not, and she
said " because you have to go through a lot of training and I don't
have time right now", and I said no you don't, I was just baptized 2
years ago and I'm already on a mission, I didn't have any training!
Haha she was like "really?!" And I told her it was all about her
personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and learning more about His
gospel. That we teach 5 lessons about the restoration of the gospel,
the plan of salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ and His
commandments, and that she could be baptized as soon as three weeks if
she wanted. Then her mom talked some more and I asked her if she
worked on Sundays and she said she didn't think so, and that she
wanted to come to church and she'd like to be baptized!!! I was blown
away!!! Her faith is so amazing! She said she wanted to learn more and
make sure that this was the right thing to do, and we told her we
wanted the same thing, that her answer needed to come from God. As we
were about to leave she asked if we could pray for peace for her, so
we did, and after the prayer she was crying, it was one of the most
spiritual experiences I've had on my mission to this point! I hugged
her and told her that I know I just met her, but I already love her so
much! 😊

We also had zone conference this week, where we got to learn more from
President And sister Lansing, as well as other missionaries in
leadership positions! I really really love that the whole mission is
reading the New Testament at the same time together, because at the
zone conference we were all able to share insights and were familiar
with the scripture passages since we'd all just read them! And sister
Lansing was a seminary teacher (she taught high school kids about the
scriptures each morning before school). So she knows her stuff! 😊

Jose was baptized this Saturday!!! We are so happy for him and his
decision to follow our savior Jesus Christ's example by being
baptized!!! It really is the gate, it is when we enter into a covenant
to serve the Lord, but it is far from over, we get to spend the rest
of our lives learning about Jesus and striving to do as He would.

I am so grateful to know that Jesus knows and loves me so perfectly!
This week I was wondering about a few things in the morning as we were
getting ready, and the very question that was in my heart was answered
so specifically in the scriptures I read that morning in studies. It
was a passage I'd read before but it was exactly what I needed to
answer my question in that moment. It is amazing, I know that only the
word of God can do that, can speak right to your heart! I know that
Jesus loves each one of you so much, and that when you open the word
of God with an open heart and mind, God can speak to you so clearly! I
invite each of you to do so this week 😊❤️

Sister Kirkpatrick

P.S. Pictures-
1.the whole mission after the 5 mile race a few weeks ago!
2. Crazy bike picture sister Alvarado wanted to take! Haha just so you
know how goofy I look in my helmet.
3. We can't hold babies, but we can hold puppies!
4. The rest are from Joses's baptism!!!

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