Monday, November 21, 2016

First snow!!!

This week was really good!!! We had the first snow! Not a ton, but it
was fun to wake up to! We're looking forward to a lot of snow so we
can go shovel people's drive ways who are mean to us! 😊 Maybe soften
some hearts... ❤️❤️❤️❄️❄️❄️

So this week we found two new people to teach, they are the sweetest
boys! We taught them the restoration of the gospel and the younger one
just loved it! When we invited them to follow Jesus example and he
baptized, he said "Yes!!! Mom can I?!?" And then after we left his mom
called and said Colton told me he wanted me to call you right now to
tell you he's coming to church tomorrow, and he did!! 😊 So sweet!
We also had a lot of people come to church, my new favorite family,
Sister Gill and her three daughters came ❤️ I love them so much! She
has such a sweet testimony and sincere desire to follow Christ and
give her kids a good spiritual foundation. The Tidwell boys also came
to church and we had a lesson and dinner with them and a family in the
Ward after church! We asked if they had been reading and the oldest
one told us he was in Alma!!! Half way through the Book of Mormon! He
said he always tries to read ten pages a day!!!! Put me to shame 😂 we
taught him the plan of salvation and he rehashed the whole thing back
to us after to make sure he understood! He really wants to be baptized
in December, they just have to get parental permission.

I am really loving this area! The work is really starting to pick up
there are already so many people I love!!
Speaking of people o love.... THE MAYHER FAMILY FROM WEST JORDAN IS
GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!!!! I hope and pray I get to go! Here's
a picture of them before I left 😊⬇️

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