Monday, November 28, 2016

Lots of Pictures!

This week I went on exchanges in Draper!🚗
Ate in 6 homes for thanksgiving! 😂
And got to see the Maher family baptized!!! 👩‍👦‍👦
And got to see other people I love and miss from West Jordan! ❤️
It was a good week!!!

So for thanks giving we weren't allowed to knock on doors we just
visited family's. So we had two real meals and pie everywhere else we
went. I was 4 pounds heavier at the end of the day 😂. It was good
though, the people here are so nice and giving to missionaries, a lot
of them have children serving missions as well. And we found some new
people to teach from the visits!

Seeing the Maher family be baptized was such a sweet experience! I got
there during my dinner hour and was able to be there with the elders
to teach them the last lesson before their baptism! 😊 It was so
amazing to see the change that has taken place in them, especially the
youngest one! He would not sit still for anything while I was there
but this weekend he could not wait to be baptized!!! And he told me he
loves church! And that he will go until he's 50 years old haha, then
he changed his mind and said until he dies! 😂 I love their family so
much and it was also so great to see so many people that mean so much
to me from West Jordan at the baptism as well! ❤️

This week we found another new person to teach, she let us in to share
a quick message about Christ and then said we could come back and she
would like to learn more! Unfortunately she didn't come to church but
we will see her Tuesday evening!  😊
The boy we started teaching last week, Colton, walked to church all by
himself this week! It is so amazing to see someone so young, so
motivated to come to church and read and learn! He is just eating it
up and so excited to be baptized December 10th!

This Sunday in church every meeting we were in seemed to center on the
Joy that we can have in this life because of our Savior Jesus Christ,
despite our circumstances or trails. Growth is not fun or comfortable,
but that is why we have come here to earth! To be tested and tried, I
know that it is in those moments when we choose to rely on Jesus that
we grow closer to Him and access His grace that not only saves us, but
allows us to change, to become better!
I know that God only gives us commandments because He loves us and
wants what's best for us. That is why Jesus has asked us to follow
Him, and His example. That is why we are baptized, it's how we access
the atonement and promise to take the name of Christ upon us and keep
his commandments, and we are promised His spirit. It is not the end,
it is only the begging to spending our lives trying to be a little
more like Jesus each and every day!

I love you all!
❤️ Sister Kirkpatrick

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