Monday, November 7, 2016

Transfer week!


It was a good week!
We started teaching a new family with 3 really sweet daughters that want to be baptized! Their mom is so sweet and is going to start coming to church with them! We also started praying that those who were ready to receive the gospel would find us, instead of us always finding them, haha, and then we received a text message from a man that said his son's friend who is a senior in high school wants to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! So exciting!!! 

We also had another really neat experience, where we ended up being in an area we weren't supposed to be in, and we ran into a woman who hasn't been to church in years. When we asked how she was she just broke down crying and confided in us a lot of personal trails she's going through. She told us about how she could hear her father's voice telling her she needed to get a blessing, and that us showing up was another way she saw God's hand in her life! She said the day before she'd gotten out her scriptures (that she's never read) with the intent of reading them! She was excited to show them to us 😊 she also talked about how much strength she's received from listening to air one during these trials, so we were able to bond over praise music, and I told her about klove as well. ❤

We also had a super fun girls night for all the sister missionaries in the mission at the mission home last night! We listened to the three sisters who have been out the longest talk about women of the restoration, and Sister Lopez sang a beautiful song 😊 "how much can one heart take" I think? She's gonna be famous one day! Then we had hot chocolate and talked! It was so much fun seeing all my companions! I'm attaching a picture! It's crazy to think about, but this week there will only be 5 sisters in the mission that have been out longer than me! We have a young mission!! 

This week during my personal study I read my patriarchal blessing and I felt so much love as I once again realized just how aware Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are of me, and that they love me no matter what! That same day we watched a video where a woman was talking about how much she loved her son when he was born, and it wasn't because of anything he had done, but because he was HERS! And God feels the same way about us, He doesn't love us because of anything we've done, but simply because we are HIS! That is an awesome feeling!!! I've though a lot about Grace this week. We listened to a talk this week called "His Grace if sufficient" and in it they related grace to piano lessons. The mom pays the piano teacher for the lessons, and all she asks is that the child practices, and uses the gift she's paid for. However in practicing, the child does not repay his mom, she is just happy seeing her child use the gift. It is the same way with the atonement, Christ paid our debt in full, and He just asks that we use the atonement, that we repent and change and find Joy in Him, and live His commandments so we can be happier than we would on our own. However, in doing so, we do not at all pay Him back, He is simply happy because we are happy and using His gift! One part of the talk I loved said, "A lot of people ask me if I'm saved by grace? To which I respond absolutely, are you changed by grace?"
That is something we could all ponder, whether or not we are changed by grace! 
I know Jesus loves each and every one of us more than we could ever comprehend! 
Have a blessed week! 

❤️ Sister Kirkpatrick 

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