Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The wind sure did blow in blessings!

This has probably been one of the best weeks of my mission! 

So many good things have happened! Maddy is still incredible, we got to see her almost every day this week ❤ we also met another amazing person this week! I feel like we were friends in the preexistence! I got to go on exchanges with Sister Sundrud, and see someone she and Sister Mallarme taught get baptized! 

So first! On exchanges Sister Sundrud and I met Dario! He has been coming to church in the South Jordan Second Ward since November! We had dinner with him and his two friends, then shared the restoration of the gospel afterwards! He moved from Venezuela to England, to Chicago, to Utah! Don't worry though, his English is amazing, we're not poaching! He reads the Book of Mormon better than I did when I first started! And he can do an English accent that is hilarious! You would never even know he was Hispanic when he talks like that! 😂 so he's already learned a lot of what we were teaching him, but as we were talking about families, he shared how he hasn't had a close relationship with his parents growing up, his mom passed away when he was 13, and he's pretty much been independent ever since, and he can see the difference in families that live the gospel, and he wants that for his future family! We invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to, but when we told him he could be baptized March 25th, he looked almost sad, and told us he wouldn't be good enough by then because he's made a lot of mistakes in his life. Then we had the amazing opportunity to explain to him that was the very reason Jesus Christ performed the atonement, because we ALL make mistakes (Romans 3:23), then we read Alma 7:11-13 about what Jesus went through for each one of us, and at He wants us to access his atonement! To be changed by His grace! And we talked about how taking the sacrament cleanses us each and every week! After talking about all of that he was so excited!! and wants to be baptized on that day 😊 he is so sincere! I really feel like we were friends in the preexistence, he looks so familiar and we both felt like we'd met each other somewhere before but we haven't, it's crazy! Heavenly Fathers plan is so amazing, and He is so very aware of each one of us!! 

Maddy is still amazing! She came to church again this week and has been loving reading the scriptures 😊 she can't wait to get baptized and go to the temple! She truly has the gift of belief! And her ward is so supportive and excited for her! They are on top of things, and it makes us so happy to know that she will have this support even after we're gone! ❤

This Saturday we got to go support Sister Mallarme and Sister Sundrud at their baptism! Sherry's baptism was so special! The spirit was so strong! She personifies the scripture "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein." -Luke 18:17 
And it was such a proud mom moment for me, seeing them. Sister Sundrud did sign language for a song so beautifully! Sherry loved it and they were both crying 😊 and Sister Mallarme shared her testimony! It is so amazing to see how much she has grown since we were together!! They found Sherry because Sister Mallarme likes the number 45, which was her apt number! Haha Sister Mallarme said "The reason why I knock on your door is because 45 is my favorite number and I said I don't care if it's a member or not let's knock because I like 45. And I know that I like that number because Heavenly Father knows that's how I will find you and help you to return to live with Him." 
I love them so much! 

Sister Fossum and I decided last minute to go to the church for something before going to the baptism, and as we were leaving, coming down the stairs in the institute building, he was standing in the hallway! It was so crazy! We both freaked out! What are the odds?! He's on the institute council for something that meets in that building I guess! It was really cool! 
I also met a guy that grew up in hurricane West Virginia, I can't remember if I mentioned that last week or not? But it was also super cool! We talked about Tudors Biscuit World haha! He doesn't come to church anymore, but we're going to try to get him to! 😊

We are nervously waiting on transfer calls this morning! 
I've never been so anxious, I do NOT want to leave!! 😭😭😭

Sister Kirkpatrick 

Not getting transferred!!!  BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE!!!
Sister Fossum is leaving :(
Sister Conn will be my companion! We've been out the same amount of
time! So it should be cool!!

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