Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tornados everywhere!

Okay not really... but the wind outside was crazy yesterday, and we
experienced an emotional tornado!!

This week has been pretty good, MLC, interviews with the mission
President, found 2 new people, Maddy is still the highlight of the
week of course.

Amidst all of the craziness that went on, there was definitely a
silver lining in each situation.

So Ryan's grandpa had emergency surgery so he didn't make it to
church, and will be getting baptized next Sunday instead of this
coming Sunday now, but everything is in the Lord's perfect timing!

A girl that was baptized just before I got here has been going through
some tough times and hasn't wanted to see us all week, BUT she came to
church on Sunday, it made me really happy, because although she's
going through a lot and doesn't want to talk about it, she still knew
where she needed to be on Sunday. She has a lot of faith and I know
Heavenly Father will guide her and she will follow Him 😊

Maddy is amazing beyond amazing and so strong! We taught her tithing
and fasting/fast offerings this week and she loved it!! She said "I am
too down!" Haha she can't wait to pay her tithing, and she fasted for
the first time this Sunday! She came to church with her boyfriend and
they both knew lots of people it was great! She was talking about
getting a dress for her baptism and inviting everyone to it!!  But
then 2 hours after church she texted us and said "I'm not getting
baptized, I can't I'm sorry." And we were like 😩😭😵😰 the world is
actually coming to an end, what just happened?!? So we went over and
talked to her, and it's not a faith crisis at all. Some pretty
terrible things happened after church and she and her boyfriend broke
up. His dad was going to be the one to baptize her so she didn't know
who could baptize her, but we told her there were plenty of people who
could and she still wants to be baptized!!! She is my HERO! Amidst all
of this, her grandpa was just taken off all of his medicines and they
are letting nature take its course, so she's dealing with him about to
pass. And she asked us what scriptures she could share with her mom to
comfort her with all of this. She is my inspiration!! I REALLY hope I
get to stay another transfer for her baptism!!! ❤

I know that God is so so so aware of us, His plan is perfect and he is
so involved in each of our lives! A grateful heart really is a happy
heart, when we focus on our blessings, and the constants in our lives,
we are so much happier. No matter what happens we are still children
of God, and have a Savior who loves us more than we could ever
imagine! Sometimes we get caught up on certain aspects of the gospel
and become weary, but when we focus everything on the Savior, that is
where we find true and lasting joy, in our relationship with Him!

Have a great week!

❤ Sister Kirkpatrick

- teeth whitening from Maddy!
- Reunited trio at MLC
- post interviews pic 😂

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