Monday, February 27, 2017

I know why I'm in YSA!!!!

The reason is Maddy!!!

This has been an amazing week of miracles!! Maddy being the most
amazing miracle!

So Tuesday night we met Maddy! She is dating someone who served a
mission, and we went to see if they were home and they were! The
family is so awesome! The parents are both converts and have adopted
all 6 of their kids, they're amazing!!! The first little bit that we
were there we talked very casually about missions and our experience
with missionaries inviting us to baptism and how we said no at first
and all kinds of stuff! Haha it was great but I thought, "man, how are
we going to switch gears and have a lesson, let alone invite her to
baptism today?!" Haha but I was sitting close to her and just asked
while everyone was talking "so I know we're talking pretty casually
about all of this mission stuff, but have you met with missionaries
before?" And she said no, so I asked if we could share the lessons
with her and she said please!!! I was floored! So excited! And then
after sharing the restoration, I asked if she would pray about being
baptized, and be baptized March 18th if she got her answer, and she
said yes!!!! It was so great!
Then when we got home she texted and said she couldn't wait until our
next lesson Saturday!!! We were so happy!!! Then the next morning we
saw that she texted us at 11 after we were asleep and she said "so how
will I know if God answers me?" And we texted back a long text about
the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 and how all good comes
from God, and suggested she watch the patterns of light videos. And
before we ever heard back from her, her boyfriend sent us screen shots
of her text messages later that night. To make a long story short, she
prayed for 20 minutes and got her answer!!! She felt the spirit and
God's love so strongly, she said she knows it's true and she's never
felt happier in her life!!! It strengthened my testimony of how aware
God is of us!!
So fast forward to Saturday, we aren't sure what changed, but her
boyfriend didn't want her to meet with us 😱 so he took her on a date,
we were all bummed because we'd been looking forward to it all week.
And Sunday morning she came to church all by herself!!! And she stayed
all 3 hours! She basically doesn't have support from anyone at this
point in what she's doing, but she knows it's right, and she is so
strong!!! I love her so much! We are meeting with her today at noon 😊

We also met Ryan! He wants to be baptized as well!! He said he went to
church with coworkers in Missouri for 6 months and they taught him,
and he wanted to be baptized, he just never got around to it! Haha so
he came to church this Sunday and is working towards being baptized
march 12th! He even asked what scriptures he could read to prepare for
baptism! He's awesome!!

It's been a great week! I am learning a lot about humility, and
recognizing that this work really has nothing to do with me. It all
happens in the Lord's perfect timing, and I just want to be a vessel
He can work through, to completely forget myself and say and do what
He would have me do to bring others closer to Him!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

❤Sister Kirkpatrick

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