Thursday, March 23, 2017

Temple P-day!!! ⛪️🎉

Sorry I didn't tell anyone last week that Pday would be Thursday
instead of Monday this week! I haven't forgotten about you! Haha

So much has happened since last Monday!
Sister Conn is so awesome! She is hilarious and we have been having so
much fun! It doesn't feel like we've been together less than two
weeks! I'll share the highlights!

So the first day of the transfer, Tuesday, we went to temple square
with Maddy! She's so amazing! On the way back on the trax she was
being such a missionary! Telling everyone about how she was getting
baptized Saturday! She was a really good example to me, because on
the way back we sat across from this old lady, and she commented on
her jeans (they had holes in them) and told her they were a little
extreme.. they were the first words out of her mouth, it was so
rude!!! She didn't even know her! After that I tuned her out, I was
offended for Maddy, thinking she was just a judgmental old lady. But
sweet Maddy, just let it roll right off and kept on talking to her the
rest of the way. At some point she realized I was a missionary and
then said "Oh well I'm catholic!" And Maddy went on to tell her about
her decision to be baptized and her testimony! I was blown away! She
is such an example of Christ like love, and an amazing missionary!
Then after we got back we couldn't find a third girl to come with us
to Dario's lesson, so Maddy came with us and helped teach and testify
of the gospel of Jesus Christ! 😱😍 she can't get any more awesome!
She invited him to her baptism and he came! Her baptism was so good!
She shared her testimony and had everyone crying! ❤

We had a fun week with Dario too! He is also amazing! We taught him
the commandments this week and just had so much fun with it! His
friends were super involved, and we taught him hand signs to remember
the Ten Commandments, and he could wait to show us a couple days later
at our next lesson that he still remembered them all! 😊 He has such
strong faith and is so happy with the path he's chosen to follow to
come closer to God, I can't wait for his baptism Saturday!

They are definitely the highlights of life right now, and they are
both talking about serving a mission! Dario said he wants to go to
France!! And in our lesson with Maddy yesterday she told us she was
talking to her grandma and she asked her if she wanted to serve a
mission and she said she thought about it but she didn't know, and her
grandma told her that if she did she would pay for it all! 😱 so Maddy
has been praying about it!!! We shared our experiences with getting
our answers to serve with her and told her she still had a year to
pray and think about it anyways. She would be the most amazing
missionary ever and grow so much! I know I sure have!

We are getting ready to go to the temple in an hour! I am so excited!
I just love the peace that I feel in the temple, it's like time stops!
Having a relationship with Jesus Christ, and living His gospel has
added so much to my identity, and given me so much purpose and
direction. The joy that comes from know that God is my father and He
loves me enough that He sent His only Begotten Son to die for me is
priceless. I could never repay Him. The good news is that He hasn't
asked me to, only to love Him and show others His love. I am far from
perfect, but my best is enough and He loves me anyways! And He loves
each one of you so much! If you don't already pray every day, I invite
you to. Then sit back and look for His hand in your life. I know you
will see it!

❤ Sister Kirkpatrick

                                                      (Sorry they're all a bit scrambled!)

                                                                  Maddy's baptism!

                                                      Dario and his baptism picture!

                                                                Transfer polaroids

                                                          Temple square with Maddy!

                                                           Easter bunnies from Kiki!

                                               My awesome companion from Oklahoma!

                                             Also, Maddy came to district meeting with us

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