Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Other news...for the real MVP's :)

Mike is continuing to do good! His heart is softening, he is reading scriptures again, and he said he thinks he finally understands who God is!
This past Friday night, we went on a "tract out" with the Spanish branch, where all the missionaries in the area split from our companion and went with someone in the ward to cover more ground, and knocked on every door in the 3 apartment complexes in the area. There are a lot of Hispanic people there so that's why we went with the Spanish branch. So I was paired up with Sister Rodriguez... she is so amazing!!!!!! I found out that she was a convert to, but get this... she was serving a mission as a Jehovah's Witness, when she knocked on the door of LDS missionaries!!! How crazy is that!? She said she just heard this voice in her head telling her to keep going back and knocking on this certain door, and eventually she caught them home and it was LDS missionaries. She said the first time she met with them, she tried to convert them, but the second lesson she started listening to them. She ended up joining the church and serving an LDS mission! She said her parents were both baptist, but she started doing her own searching, and JW seemed the closest, she hadn't heard of the LDS church before. She said what did it for her was having dinner at a members home one night, she asked why we did temple work, baptisms, and when the man told her and showed her where it was in the bible, 1 Corinthians 15:29. She said it was like a blind fold was lifted, and she could just see light and remembered this truth she was hearing. She also said she knew the LDS or JW church had to be true because they are the only ones taking the gospel to all the world, Matthew 24:14. It was pretty exciting to hear her story!
We met a lot of people and invited them to church! No one I met came though. :(
Also, Sister Lopez ran into a telephone pole with her bike this week, it was pretty hilarious. We laughed about it for the rest of the day.
I met this awesome lady in the ward! She is a liscensed massage therapist, but she does cranial sacral therapy. She has this amazing gift where she can see whats going on inside of you, it sounds crazy but its so amazing! Basically, I need to start taking chlorophyll, because I dont eat enough greens, no surprise there lol, and she said either my kidney or liver I think, is only working 30% as a result! So I'm getting some at the health foods store!
Okay last thing, I don't want to alarm you with this story, but it's pretty funny.
So when I first got here, Sister Lopez pointed out a boarded up house where a girl had been kid napped. We dont go there to knock.
The other day we were riding out bikes and saw a man outside in the yard raking sticks. She stopped and asked him if he needed help. I followed her lead. He said no but thank you and told us how he loved the Lord. We talked a little, then invited him to church and told him it was great to meet him. Before we left I told him to let us know if we could ever come back and help (Sister lopez usually offers to do service, and lets people know we are allowed to put pants on instead of our skirts to do service), so he said oh really thank you so much, and I said "yeah, we can take our skirts off and put pants on insteasd to help if we need to!" Not only does that mix up of words sounds terrible, to start with... But we rode away and she said "Sister, YOU can take your skirt off, I'm not going back, that's where the girl got kid napped..." I had no idea that was the house!! I didnt recognize it... man oh man did I really put my foot in my mouth that time... were not going back!!
Okay sorry for the long email, I won't get to write much indivually now, maybe later this evening!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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