Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crazy news!!!

      Sister Lopez and I just got some crazy news!!! It is transfers
week! So every 6 weeks we will get a phone call to tell us weather or
not one or both of us will be going to new areas. She is training me
for the first twelve weeks so we assumed and hoped with everything in
us that we would stay together! We just got a phone call saying that
we will both be staying, but we will be getting a new sister! So we
will be in a trio instead of a companionship for at least 6 weeks! So
sister Lopez will be training 2 people and I  guess I will be a
trainer and a trainee! This adds a whole new dimension. On the one
hand, idk where we are going to put all of our things, and someone
will be on an air mattress, but on the other hand we will be
invincible! Haha we will be able to go into any home even if there is
only a single man home because there will be three of us! The Lord
knows exactly what He is doing, so I know it will be great!! 🙈😀
     Sister Lopez and I have had another great week! We have had so
many great lessons centered on the atonement of Jesus Christ! We have
been teaching Angel for awhile now, who has been trying to stop
smoking. We have done our best to center every principle we teach on
Christ and His atonement, but having a lesson with her solely on the
Atonement impacted her so much! I was able to share a quote by
president Hinckley from the talk "The Atonement: Our Greatest Hope" by
James E. Faust, with her, and I think it really struck a cord and
helped her understand what Christ has done for us, by taking our place
and paying for our sins. The next day we went back to see how she was
doing with not smoking, and she told us she was drawing the line. She
was really going to stop this time because she really wanted to take
the sacrament and    show Christ how much she cared about what He did
for her and be baptized! I have always known that you must be built on
a firm foundation of Christ, and how powerful the atonement is, but I
am continuing to learn that more and more on my mission. It is so
amazing to see the atonement working in the lives of others! She was
absolutely glowing when she showed up to church and told us not only
had she not smoked, but she had been around someone smoking and not
asked for one, and even been offered a cigarette and declined! There
is so much strength in the atonement!
     We had our next lesson with Cassius, the boy that I wrote to
you about last week. We were so excited because his mom told us that
he cried after we left last time because he felt the spirit so
strongly when he prayed. When we sat down for the lesson however, his
father told us we could teach him but he did not want us to talk about
the Book of Mormon. We were able to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ
still, but it strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon as
another testament of Jesus Christ, because for the first time I wasn't
allowed to share verses from it to testify of Christ, or give him a
copy to help him draw nearer to Christ. I love the Bible with all of
my heart, but I am also so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the
further light it sheds on the Savior and all that He has done for us.
The two are one in God's hand!

                          Our terrible cake we made for my two year anniversary being baptized!
The amazing quote on the atonement I shared with Angel!

  Katie Stewart who has been awesome in coming to our lessons with us!

Porky pine!

 And I had dinner with Elder Bishops cousin!!! It was so neat running
into her!!!

Love you all!
Sister Kirkpatrick

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