Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hello everyone!

     The greatest joy in my work this week came from seeing how God
provides opportunities for His children to grow! Angel was supposed to
be baptized this past Saturday, but moved it to next Saturday because
she wanted the bishop to be able to be there. She is still being so
strong in not smoking, we are so proud of her! Her social anxiety
seems to have gone away as well; when we invited her to an activity at
church about a month ago she didn't know if she could because there
would be a lot of people there. This week we went to the chapel and
found her and her husband helping clean up after an event and talking
to all sorts of new people. We have seen such a change in both of
them! The bishop was there as well, so we asked him if he could do the
baptism. He thought about it for a moment then asked another man who
was there helping as well if he would like to do it. It was so
perfect, the man he asked was recently baptized a few years ago
himself, and has never been able to perform a baptism! He looked
nervous but excited and said he couldn't wait to tell his wife! That
strengthened my testimony that we are here to learn and grow and God
gives us so many opportunities to do just that in His gospel! God
entrusts us with responsibility to serve each other for our benefit! I
have learned that as long as we are seeking to follow God, and are
willing to follow where He asks us to go, He will guide, and show us
the way!
      This mission truly is helping me to grow closer to Jesus Christ
in so many ways. I am learning more about Him and the things he taught
during His ministry, and the church He established, as well as His
characteristics. I realize that I do not naturally possess those
characteristics, such as charity, virtue, knowledge, patience, and
humility; but I can pray for them! And with Christ's help I can start
to develop them. I will never be perfect, but I can strive each day to
be the daughter of God He knows I can be. We are studying and working
on a different attribute each week, this week I am working on virtue!
I need it 😊

     Sister Lopez turned 21 on Tuesday! Her stake president from
Mexico had a cake sent to her! 😊 it was so sweet! Then we had non
alcoholic Pima coladas to celebrate!

    This weekend was a cold rainy one! We were happy to get into our
warm dry beds on Saturday night!

   Hope you are all doing well and feeling my prayers for you! ❤️

Sister Kirkpatrick

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