Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Miracles

We saw so many miracles in our week that it is hard to pick a
few! We had a few people come to church for the first time this Sunday with us! We have been meeting with a man named Randy (pictured in the
back), who has not been to church in 15 years, for about a month now.
We have invited him to church each week but he didn't come for one
reason or another. This Saturday we went to remind him but he wasn't
home, so we left a sticky note saying we would be back in the morning
to walk with him to church. He was surprised when we actually showed
up, but he got ready and came with us, and stayed the whole time!
Later that day when we had our lesson with him we asked him how it was
and he said that He saw God's hand so much in his life that day! He
said he went to sleep really late, but he set an alarm anyways,
thinking he might sleep through it; it never even went off but he said
he was wide awake before it was even supposed to. He said that even
then he thought that he might not go, but when we showed up he said he
couldn't say no. Then when we got to church he ran into the stake
president and was so warmly welcomed and made an instant connection!
The Sunday school teacher introduced himself to him after sacrament
meeting and led him to his class! Then in the next class, elders
quorum, he found out that the men had a special fast for that Sunday that more men would come into the ward, whether they would be new or
returning! He was overwhelmed by God's love! It was one miracle after
another! I have learned that a miracle is something that happens with
divine intervention that otherwise would not happen! God is so great!
     Also, Cassius and his mom came, they are pictured below! He
brought his Bible that we gave him with him and has been tabbing it!
He really like it and begged his mom to let him stay for Sunday school
even though they were only supposed to stay one hour, and she let him!
He is so sweet! When we met with him this week, we finished our lesson
and he said is it okay if I ask a question off topic? And we said
sure! And he said so what time do you wake up? What time do you go to
work? How much does a mission cost? We told him, and he said I wanna
go on a mission! Haha his mom told him to start saving! She is such a
good supportive mom!
     We are adjusting to life as a trio... Our new sister is really
nice! She's from Texas!
     I appreciate hearing from you all in your emails! I love and
miss you, time is flying though! 😊

Sister Kirkpatrick

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