Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Monday :)

Sorry for the abundance of pictures this week, but Angel was
baptized on Saturday!!! I love their family so much! They were the
first lesson I got to go to in the mission field! She has overcome so
much and grown tremendously! There is a new light in her eyes and it
is truly amazing! I saw God's hand so much in so many people's lives
at the baptism. Not only did Angel take a huge step of faith, but
others were touched by her decision as well! Her brother has been
there to support her son at his baptism, as well as Angel at hers.
This time he was so moved, and said that it has been a long time since
he's had religion in his life, and cried, it was so moving to see! It
was also so amazing to see Brother Labbee so emotional, performing his
first baptism. Someone joked that he was taking longer to get ready
afterwards than her, and another brother later told us that it was
because he was on his knees praying in the restroom! His wife also
told us that he had been praying and practicing so much for the
baptism! I couldn't think of anyone better to perform the baptism, he
is so close to God, and was so moved by the experience! It was such a
spiritual experience, and so great to see God working in the lives of
His children.

      This week has been so great! I am exhausted!! We had a lot of
first lessons with people and found those the Lord has been preparing!
😊 we also saw so many people grow as they shared their testimonies
this week! I have learned that it is so true that our testimonies grow
when we share them, "a testimony is found in the baring of it"! We
were sad because a lot of people didn't come to church, and really sad
when we thought Randy wasn't there. Then out of the blue we see him
walking up to the front of the chapel! Not only did he come to church
on his own, but he went up to share his testimony during fast and
testimony meeting!!! We were so happy and proud of him!!! 😊
      A wise return sister missionary 😉 just told me, "your mission
is not the best thing OF your life, it is the best thing FOR your
life!" I believe that whole heartedly. It's hard work, and you just
want to take a break sometimes, but I know this is where the Lord
wants me. It is such a short time in the big picture of eternity and
even this life. God has already given me 21 years, the least I can do
is devote one and a half to Him! I am learning and growing so much,
and trying to become the daughter of God He intended me to be!
      I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support!

Sister Kirkpatrick ❤️

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