Monday, May 23, 2016

Crazy week!!!

This week has been a whirlwind! Sister Sundrud was emergency transferred on Friday because a sister was only serving here temporarily and got her real mission call to Columbus, Ohio!!! So her companion needed a companion and they took sister Sundrud! Sister Lopez and I were so hopeful that we might stay together now, but we got the call this morning that she is going to be a sister Training Leader, and I AM GOING TO BE TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!! This is crazy, I just finished training myself! Poor girl lol.  Humble is a good word to describe the way I feel, because without the Lord's help I would not be able to train a new missionary, but I know that if He has given me this assignment, He will guide me and help me all the way!
      We have seen so many miracles this past week with people who have not been to church since they were baptized as children. David, that I wrote about last week, has almost finished first Nephi. He asks honest, sincere questions. He is seeking the truth, and I know that he will find it! We met another man named Steven last Sunday before church, and invited him to come with us, and he did on the spot. He is in his twenties and has not been to church since he was eight years old. Since then we gave him a book of Mormon and have had two lessons. We we saw him yesterday after he came to church, he told us he was almost finished with Jacob in the Book of Mormon, that is 135 pages in less than a week! He has a lot of doubts but he wants to feel close to Jesus Christ and he is doing everything he can to feel that way!
       This week I loved reading Luke, I was so inspired by Levi the publican's faith to follow Christ, in Luke 5:27-28. He left all, rose up, and followed Christ. No complaints or questions, only doing as the Savior asked. I want to strive to follow Christ without hesitation each day!
      I love you all and pray for you each day!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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