Monday, July 11, 2016

5 months!!

So two exciting things happened this week! First, I got food poisoning
😷, that was fun... Then my mom got baptized!! 🎉❤️⛪️🙌🌊🛀🏻 I am
so happy and proud of her!!! I was able to watch it via Skype, it was
pretty blurry and quiet since it was on an iPad, but I am glad I got
to see it! I just keep seeing her going under the water over and over
😊  Her testimony is so much stronger than mine when I was baptized.
She is very close to the spirit and has had some amazing spiritual
witnesses along her journey!'She is the most amazing woman I know and
I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent me to her. I am so inspired by
her example!
      It was also exciting because Elder Jacklyn (that baptized my
mom) is from close by, so his family was able to come watch as well!
They are so sweet! I also had some of the people I've grown to love in
West Jordan come celebrate with me, although I don't know how much
they were able to see or hear haha 😕 anyways, highlight of my mission
thus far! 😊❤️
    We also had a man come to church this Sunday that hasn't been for
a long time. We started teaching his family and when we invited him to
come to church he said "yes, I'll be there!" without hesitation. He
said I really like your reasoning for coming to church, I'm coming to
take the sacrament and remember Christ, if I don't stay for anything
else, I'm coming for that. He is a man of his word, he came!
      I know that Jesus Christ loves each one of you so much! And He
led by perfect example when He was here on the earth. There isn't
anything He asks us to do that He hasn't done Himself. He has
commanded us to follow Him, and although we will never be able to do
that perfectly, He wants us to try! And to access His grace and mercy
through repentance that is only possible through His suffering and
sacrifice for us. I love Him more than I could ever show Him! ❤️🙌

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