Monday, July 18, 2016


Hey everyone!

This week has been a little slower as far as lessons go, but it was
still great! We went to the temple with one of the women we are
teaching and her son! It was a lot of fun, and still so fun to
experience so many firsts with sister Mallarme! Speaking of... We are
allowed to watch church movies, so last night we started to watch one
with sister Seal because we finished planning early, and sister
Mallarme said she wanted to cry, because it was the first time she was
able to watch a movie and understand what they were saying! They watch
movies in Micronesia all the time even though they are in English and
they can't understand. We take so much for granted here!!!! I am
grateful for the humbling experience of being her companion and
realizing that!

Also this week, we had a lesson with Jessica and her daughters. In the
past she would not read from or let us give her a Book of Mormon
because she said it made her have bad dreams. The last lesson we had
with her we explained to her that all good thoughts and feelings come
from God and bad ones do not. This time we shared 1 John 4 with her
about testing spirits, as well as the Mormon message "A Book of Mormon
Story". We asked her if we could leave a Book of Mormon with her and
she agreed! It was a huge step in the right direction. She said she
prayed to know if what we were sharing was true but hadn't received an
answer yet, so we invited her to read Alma 32 , about faith, and
promised that as she continued to seek, God would answer her!

I am continuing to learn more and more each day! We know sooooo little
of God's plan and His truth, but as we seek Him and guidance from the
Spirit, He pours out His great love and understanding on us freely! I
know He loves each one of you so much, and that Jesus Christ is our
Lord and Savior and wants to be so involved in our lives, if we will
only let Him!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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  1. I love reading these weekly updates and then getting to read the scriptures Tara provides that go with her story!!!