Monday, June 20, 2016


We saw so many miracles this week!

      David told us that he has found God! He described the feelings
he had as he was praying this Thursday and said it was so powerful
that He cannot deny that God is there. He said he was brought to his
knees sobbing as God answered his questions one by one! He said "I was
atheist until about Thursday but now I am a Christian!" and he has
been telling everyone! We are so happy for him!

      We also had a bishops point us to one of the houses on his
street of a woman who has not been to church in a long time. We
stopped by and introduced ourselves and she told us her husband wasn't
home, but we offered to share a short video about Christ and come back
for a lesson when he could join us. She allowed us in and we shared
the video and talked about it, and then sister Mallarme said a prayer
and we left. She called us minutes after we left and told us she had
such a comforting feeling after the prayer and wanted to know if we
could come say another one with her. We rushed back, and she told us
that she woke up at an all time low that morning and she knew
something had to change, then we showed up. We told her there were no
coincidences in the Lord's work, and He was so aware of her and loved
her so much! It is amazing to see how much this truly is the Lord's
work, we feel so blessed to be a tiny part of it!

      Also, Sister Chambers, our mission presidents wife (pictured
below) came to some lessons with us on Wednesday! It was so great! She
is the sweetest! They only have less than two weeks and then the new
mission president will be here from Virginia!! Bitter sweet!

      This week I loved reading in Luke 17, about forgiveness and
faith. I want to always remember verse 5 and start every day by saying
"Lord, increase my faith", being open to all that He has to teach me!
I love my Savior Jesus Christ so much! I know that it is only through
His sacrifice for us that God can apply mercy and grace, which we will
never deserve, that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven!

       Also, if you would like to meet with missionaries in your area,
if nothing else, to see what I'm doing 😊 it's really easy! Just go to ➡️ click the menu lines at the top left ➡️ click share the
gospel ➡️ click referrals for missionaries! Put in your information
and they will come see you, so happily! 😊

      I love you all, and hope you're enjoying your summer! ☀️🌊

           Sister Kirkpatrick

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