Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 2 training!

Week two training was a lot less stressful! Sister Mallarme and
I are starting to talk more and I am still trying to build her
confidence in talking with others, her English really is amazing! And
I have had fun helping her in language study! They didn't even teach
them vowels in the MTC!?!?!?! She's just been trying to wing it!! She
says in Micronesia all letters are like consonants, they make the same
sound. She catches on quick though!
      Yesterday at our zone meeting we ran into Elder Reams from West
Virginia again, and guess what... HIS COMPANION IS FROM MICRONESIA!!!
How crazy is that! They are from different islands though so they
speak different languages, he says it's the Tower of Babel there...
Kind of sad. 😥
      We had the most amazing lesson yesterday!!! It was with a 15
year old named Luciana! She knew very little about Jesus Christ and
the scriptures and baptism, but she was so open minded and interested!
We testified of Christ's atonement and earthly ministry and showed her
the video "Because of Him". She soaked it all up and said she wanted
to be baptized and would start reading the scriptures as soon as we
left! She sincerely thanked us for coming, it was so nice to have
someone appreciate us!  😊 It was the most amazing feeling to tell
someone about Christ and His atonement for the first time as well! It
seems like there are very few people in America, let alone Utah, who
don't at least know a little about Jesus. We are seeing her again
      I have learned over and over this week that "...by small and
simple things are great things brought to pass..." -Alma 37:6. As we
are faithful to do what the Lord has asked of us, we can see Him work
many miracles! I know that God hears our prayers and He knows our
hearts perfectly! 😊❤️

      Also, pday was switched because we are going to the temple!
Pictures to come later 🎉

I love you all!
Sister Kirkpatrick

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