Monday, June 27, 2016


This week went by so quickly!!! We've been busy and having fun! Sister
Mallarme got to see fireworks for the first time this week! It took the
suspense out of the 4th of July, but it was the perfect summer night
sitting outside watching them after we finished planning for the next
day! 😊🎉⛺️🌌🎆🎇

We had a stake BBQ this week, we invited a lot of people, and so many
people came that it was hard to try and get to everyone, it was great!
Then no one came to church 🙍🏻 looks like we'll have to start having
free food at church. 💁🏻😏 we also went to the Spanish elders
baptism, because Randy's brother and his girlfriend have been joining
us for his lessons, and she speaks Spanish, so she came with us to the
baptism, it was her first time seeing one! They told a joke during the
baptism and we were all just sitting there confused of course, and she
laughed even harder that we weren't laughing, haha. I was glad she had
a good time, we had a lesson afterwards and the Spanish elders joined
us, it started off good but by the end there were so many
conversations going at the same time, it was crazy!

We also had another good lesson with Luseane! She told us that she God
has to be the one to let her know if she should be baptized. She said
it with such conviction and faith that she would get an answer, and
with a determination to follow Him. We were so happy because that is
exactly what we want, we told her we never want her to take our word
for anything, that she should take everything to Heavenly Father in
prayer! (We are blessed to pretty much always have lessons scheduled,
that's not the case in other areas of the world, but I try to just
pick highlights each week 😊)

Also, since we don't watch the news, this lady we are trying to teach
informed me of the floods in WV and just said kanawha county and that
26 people died.... And no one emailed me so I started to get scared,
and had my land lady call my mom to see if everyone was alright...
Next time a natural disaster happens, someone fill me in!!! I am happy
you're all safe though 😊

Sister Kirkpatrick


Sister Rodriguez taught be how to do a side braid on exchanges this

DAY OF MY LIFE!!! 😊🎉😆😅

The snack lady in action after bowling on P-day! :)

The pictures are just an amazing collage the sisters we went on
exchanges did on their wall!

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