Monday, August 22, 2016

Transfer #5!

I LOVE MY NEW COMPANIONS!  They are so amazing!! Sister Alvarado (from
Guatemala) has been serving her mission in the US almost 3 months,
that's all the time she's been speaking English and she truly does
have the gift of tongues as well! She studied it in high school but I
studied Spanish in high school and know nothing 😂 she really wants to
learn and asks lots of questions which is so good! And Sister
Casagranda ( from Alaska) is not even training, she is training me!
She is so obedient and does such a good job teaching and testifying in
the lessons! They are both so down to earth, easy to get a long with,
and a lot of fun 😊

So Elder and Sister Buchanan are finished with their mission this
Tuesday, so sad!!! I have loved working with them these past 6 months
❤️ we helped them dump food storage (canned peaches) down the toilet
this week haha it was a blast, in preparation for them to move 😥

This week has been good, I am so excited for this transfer! I can just
feel that there are so many miracles waiting to happen and we are
ready to work hard! 😊 we had a lot of first lessons this week,
unfortunately a lot of people didn't come to church, but there's
always next week!

Last night it was almost our curfew and we stopped to talk to one more
young man on the way home. He grew up going to church but doesn't
believe in a loving, all knowing and powerful God. It was sad to hear,
and he didn't want us to come visit him because he feels like people
make him their project, all I could do was testify that God is real
and He does love us so much, that's why He sent His Only Begotten Son
to die for us, and Jesus knows how he feels, and it is through
Christ's sacrifice that we can be made whole and feel that love. I
just invited him to pray to ask God the questions he has and ask to
feel His love! I felt the spirit so strongly and I can only hope and
pray that he did as well!

I love and miss all of you and hope time is flying as quickly for you
as it is for me 😊
❤️Sister Kirkpatrick

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