Monday, August 1, 2016

Another week in the heat ☀️

This week has been a rollar coaster! It has gone by very quickly
because we have been busy! Busy is good. We had a lot of first
lessons, and saw miracles, although I've been here almost 6 months and
have met a lot of people there is still so much work to be done, and
the Lord is accomplishing it in His own time! Since I've been here we
have been setting up appointment after appointment with a less active
woman named Karma, and they have always fallen through. Last week she
allowed us to share a short message about Christ on her porch and set
up an appointment for this week. We were able to have the lesson with
the entire family and found out her husband is not a member, and her
twelve year old son has not been baptized. We invited them both to be
baptized August 27th and the father said he would pray about it and
read, and the son excitedly said yes! The wife looked so happy when we
invited them to be baptized 😊 We both felt the spirit so strongly in
that lesson, the Lord truly is preparing people.
         Another neat experience; we met a woman in the condos on
Wednesday that was so rude to us when we tried to talk to her! She
looked at us very angrily and said she was interest and sternly said
goodbye. Nothing out of the ordinary, it happens quite a bit. So on
Saturday, an older man told us we should visit his daughter who hasn't
been to church in a long time, we thought he was joking the way he
said it. I told him I'd never met her, but as he was telling us about
her, she left the pool and stared walking towards us. We both
recognized each other, it was the rude woman! Before we could say
anything he invited us in for birthday cake! Hahaha she did not look
happy! She left to take the dog out and when she came back we'd been
talking to the family a little, and they started telling us about how
her sister was very "religious" and had disowned the woman because she
didn't go to church. We talked about how that wasn't the way the
savior did things, His entire life and message was about love and
forgiveness. She started to loosen up and allowed us to share the
Easter animation about Jesus. Afterwards she even sent us home with
leftovers!!! We told her we would be back to bring her container 😊
second visit 👏🏽
     The key to missionary work is love; the way the Savior loved. I
am far from perfect, but I want to continue to study His prefect
example and strive to follow it. I want to know how to better show
others His love.

      Here are some pictures of our lunch with the Tippets and
Buchanans, I love them both so much!! These are the famous malt
milkshakes 😋 Also, we got to see Elder Banks at a baptism! (He just
finished his mission a few months ago).

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer 😊

Sister Kirkpatrick

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