Monday, January 2, 2017

Best. Weekend. Ever!!!!

So many pictures!!!

So a lot happened this weekend.

We had 4 baptisms, I turned 22, I got to skype home, and spend the
holidays with so many people I love!!!

So the baptisms... Dakotas was at 10am, and it was so good! I counted
128 people there, the chapel was packed! Tons of friends from high
school came to support, as well as his family and the Ward! His friend
Tyler was Able to baptize him! The service was so good, Brother
Lebaron gave a really good talk on the Holy Ghost, and his wife sang
the most beautiful song! During the baptism, Dakotas face said it all,
he looked very serious and focused and I could tell that he knew what
an important thing he was doing, making a promise to follow Jesus
Christ to the best of his ability for the rest of his life, and I know
he will!!! His mom cried the whole service, she is so sweet and it was
so good to meet her! After the confirmation on Sunday I asked if she
goes to church in Vegas, and she said "no, but that's going to change,
the spirit I felt when I walked in here this morning was incredible!"
I am sooo happy!!! I know Dakota is excited too, he has set such a
good example for his entire family, he has a heart of gold!

After his baptism we went to the Lebarons house to celebrate and all
of a sudden everyone started singing happy birthday and they brought
out two cup cakes with candles for me! It was so sweet! I don't think
I've ever been surprised that good!

Then Maddie Sarah and Hannah had their baptism! It was so sweet! They
all looked so beautiful in their white dresses, and they are always
sweet, but that day they just seemed so pure!!! They are all willingly
doing what they can to follow their savior more closely and it was so
amazing seeing the whole family together to support them! We thought
there was no way there would be as many people at their baptism as
there was for Dakota, but there was! The chapel was packed full again,
the 9th Ward is amazing! President and Sister Lansing also came! 🎉 I
am so so so grateful for the Gill family in my life! Their example of
faith, strength and courage has changed me, it has strengthen my own
testimony, and I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for these eternal

We spent Christmas Eve and day with a lot of different families, and
as you can see, they spoiled us... Christmas exploded in our home! It
was so good getting to skype home too! I have the best family ever and
I love them so much! It is always hard to hang up, but this call was
different than the first one in a good way, no one was as anxious for
it, i think it is good because we are all more comfortable and time is
flying by! It is good to be present and find the joy in the journey!

I love you all and hope you had a merry Christmas!!!

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