Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello everyone!

We got a lot of snow this week!

This week has been interesting. It wasn't the best missionary work
wise, but I learned a lot this week! We didn't find any new people, we
had a lot of lessons cancel, and only two investigators at church,
butttttt all of our recent converts were there! 😊 and I know we are
going to see big miracles this coming week!

So this week I learned a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon as
a Testament of our savior Jesus Christ. We just finished reading the
New Testament as a mission and are starting to read the Book of Mormon
together. This week in MLC, sister Lansing gave a training on the Book
of Mormon and she read the verse before and after the verse that I
read for the first time and felt the spirit so strongly, and for the
first time believed the Book of Mormon could be true. As she helped us
to understand a little more about the chapter, I read my verse (1
Nephi 10:18) and as I did I was taken back to the place and memory of
the first time I read it, and I felt the same overpowering feeling of
God's love and truth!! It was amazing. This week as we studied it
together, it wasn't the best companionship study, I was discouraged to
be honest and just gave up, we just read through the Book of Mormon
quickly, and i was upset, because that's not how I like to do it, but
as we got to that verse it was my turn to read out loud and I just
cried as I read it. I learned so much, I realized that as someone
reads the Book of Mormon, their heart softens, whether they want it to
or not, and I felt the spirit so strongly, I was surprised! I know
that God loves all of His children everywhere, and the Book of Mormon
is simply another record of God's interaction with His children,
another group of people waiting on their savior Jesus Christ, it
fulfills prophecy in the Bible, they are the other sheep! The Book of
Mormon and Bible go hand in hand to witness of the reality of our
savior's life and ministry, and ultimately bring us closer to Him!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sorry it's short this time, we are about to go hiking with Rachel, our
favorite person :)

Sister Kirkpatrick

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