Monday, January 2, 2017

It feels like P-day was yesterday!

We had another baptism Saturday!! Colton was baptized on New
Year's Eve and given the Holy Ghost on New Year's Day!! He is one of
the coolest kids I know! He was nervous for his baptism the day of,
but he has been so excited for it since the day we met him!! His uncle
came down from Idaho to baptize him, and his dad came to his baptism
with the rest of the family!!! We haven't really had the chance to
know his dad, but last week he said his baptism was near this big of a
deal when he was a kid, but at the baptism he said " I see why you
make such a big deal of this, I appreciate what you do, thank you!" It
was really nice :) I hope we get to know him more as we teach the
after baptism lessons! His whole family is great! We were teaching his
sister Sierra last night and invited her to pray about being baptized
and Colton said, "you can practice by saying the closing prayer!" Haha
he's the best! He was excited to volunteer himself to say the opening
prayer and he has been reading like 5 chapters a day of the New

We had two lessons with the most amazing woman ever this week! Her
name is Amy, and she has neighbors and close friends who are LDS and
she has recently started coming to church with them. She told us she
isn't sure If she believes in God, but she wants to believe!! She said
she hopes that Jesus Christ is our savior and she started to cry as
she was talking about Him! She is so SINCERE!!!! I love her more than
she will ever know, after our first lesson, we left and I told my
companion, I think she is going to be the highlight of my mission! She
is just taking everything in and she has a desire to know God, so I
know she will receive her answer from Him, I just can't wait to see
how her journey unfolds! She said the closing prayer the second time
and it really just sounded like she knew someone was listening, she
said something along the lines of: "The question I would like to ask
you right now, is if you are there, and if this is the path you would have
me take?" I loved it so much!!!

We also had our first lesson with Peta, a Tongan woman who goes to the
Samoan Ward, she shared her experiences growing up in another faith
and how much her parents mean so to her for teaching her about God, she
is so sweet! I shared the first vision, when Jospeh smith saw God the
Father and Jesus Christ, with her, and when I asked how she felt she
said " I needed that" with tears in her eyes, the spirit was so
strong!!! I did not want to leave, but we had to, we almost missed
Coltons confirmation!!! He was so happy!!! 😊

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Hanson, she is so great!!! I
felt like we'd been companions for a long time, even though it was
only a day. She was only baptized a few months before I was! We met a
lot of new people while we were together and were able to share the
restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, it was exciting!!

On Sunday, Kelsey Cox came home from her mission and spoke in church.
As she was speaking and telling different stories of seeing people
come to Christ, I realized that telling people about Jesus is my
absolute favorite thing to do!!  Sure it's hard sometimes, and people
aren't always the nicest, but I wouldn't rather be doing anything
else! I am making the most of every single second I have to tell
people about Jesus Christ, 24/7!

I love you all!
& hope you have a happy new year!

Sister Kirkpatrick

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